Welcome to Tokyo’s Historic Downtown


Kanda offers a quiet escape from the neon-fueled excitement of nearby Akihabara.  A historic district famous for prestigious educational institutions, quaint bookstores, and unique musical instrument shops, Kanda is the perfect place to experience a slice of Tokyo life. The denizens of Kanda work hard and play hard, which means the area also has a vibrant nightlife filled with plenty of bars, restaurants, and karaoke parlors to enjoy from sundown to sunrise. You can also seek solace in Kanda. The area is home to several historic, shrines, temples, and churches including the Kanda Myojin (Shrine), Yushima Seido (Temple), and the Holy Resurrection Cathedral (Nikolai-do).

Make The Most Of Your Stay

With Simmons beds in each of our 30 rooms, our Livin’Room café, and an inviting, contemporary atmosphere, it can be tempting to spend all your time at our hotel. However, we encourage our guests to explore Kanda and connect with its rich history. We want you to feel the vibe of our neighborhood, and our team is always eager to recommend several ways to do so.

It's still new, it's spacious and I had a good rest.
It's quiet and nice, and the employees were especially comfortable with the elderly. I would like to make a reservation when I come next time
I've never stayed at such a nice cospa hotel in my life. The room is quite large and there is no complaint about the service. It's hard to compare with other Japanese hotels
Lucas G


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