June 3, 2022

Explore the Neighborhood Your Way

LOF HOTEL Kanda East is surrounded by fascinating local attractions. Here are a few local landmarks that are easy to access from our hotel.


Kanda Matsuya (1.1 km)

Staying in Kanda grants you easy access to Kanda Matsuya, one of Tokyo’s most famous soba restaurants. Kanda Matsuya has been serving authentic, handmade noodles since 1884. Housed in a historic Meiji-era building, Kanda Matsuya is known for having a warm, casual, and friendly dining experience.  

• Maach ecute Kanda Manseibashi (1.1 km)

As the name implies, mAAch ecute Kanda Manseibashi is not your typical shopping center. A unique blend of boutique shopping, beautiful architecture, and fascinating history, this shopping promenade occupies the former site of the Manseibashi train station. Housed in a red-brick viaduct, mAAch ecute Kanda Manseibashi is home to restaurants, cafes, retail stores, and pop-up shops. You’ll even find an event space and library, complete with books and exhibits that showcase local history. Whether you seek a contemporary shopping and dining experience or long peek into the past, mAAch ecute Kanda Manseibashi is a must-see Kanda attraction.

• Yushima Seido (1.3 km)

Located in Ochanomizu park, Yushima Seido (Yushima Sacred Hall) is a Confucian temple with a rich history dating back to the 17th century. Home to the world’s largest statue of Confucius, Yushima Seido is a monument representing the influence of Chinese history, culture, and philosophy on Japanese society through the ages. A place filled with an air of knowledge, culture, and history, Yushima Seido is a popular place to pray for success in academic endeavors.  

• Kanda Myojin (Shrine) (1.5 km)

As tempting as it may be to spend every waking moment shopping, exploring, and dining in Kanda, it’s important to welcome moments of pause and reflection into your itinerary. When that time comes, head straight to Kanda Myojin, a beautiful shrine with a rich 1,300-year history. Kanda Myojin is the site of the Kanda Festival, held every other year in May. If you find yourself in Kanda during an odd-numbered year, you can witness one of Japan’s greatest festivals.

• 3331 Arts Chiyoda (1.6 km)

A community arts center housed in a former public junior high school, a visit to 331 Arts Chiyoda truly captures what it means to live like a local. In this arts center, what used to be classrooms are now art galleries and offices. 3331 Arts Chiyoda also includes a café and a free community space making it the perfect place to take a breather from a busy travel itinerary.

• Holy Resurrection Cathedral (Nikolai-do) (1.6 km)

The primary cathedral for the Japanese Orthodox Church, Nikolai-do is named after St. Nicholas of Japan, the first saint of this autonomous body of the Eastern Orthodox Church. The cathedral’s striking Byzantine architecture is a stark contrast against the array of sleek office buildings that line the streets of nearby Ochanomizu Station, making it a unique, historic landmark that can’t be missed.